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Fall 2013 Course Offerings

Administered by the Center for Ethics Education

Fall 2013 Bioethics Courses

Course Number Course Title Campus Counts Toward
PHIL  3970 Humanity's Value LC Humanity & Elective
PHIL  4418 Issues of Life and Death RH Humanity & Elective
THEO  3863  Vocation of Healthcare Provider  RH  Humanity & Elective
 THEO 4010  Death and Dying RH  Humanity & Elective
 THEO 4030 Moral Aspects of Medicine RH & LC  Values and Elective
 SOCI 3021 Sociology of Medicine    Science and Elective
 NSCI 1030 Human Function and Dysfunction LC  Science and Elective
 BISC 1001 Human Biology  RH  Science and Elective
 BISC 1002  Human Ecology  RH  Science and Elective
 BISC 1010  Foundations of Biology  RH  Science and Elective
 PSYC 4900  Psychology and Human Values  RH Values and Elective
 PSYC 4300  Aging and Society  RH  Science and Elective
 PSYC 3610  Global Health and Psychology  RH  Science and Elective
 PSYC 3100  Health Psychology  RH & LC  Science and Elective

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