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Fall 2010: Senior Thesis Presentations

CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS!2010 Senior Thesis Presentations

Fordham American Studies Senior Thesis Presentations

Tuesday, December 14, 10:00am - 6:00pm

The 2010 Senior Seminar theme has been "Print, Publics, and Culture," and the course has been taught by
Professors Edward Cahill (English) and Amy Aronson (Communication and Media Studies).

2010 Senior Thesis Presentations O'Hare Special Collections Room,
4th Floor, Walsh Family Library,
Fordham University, Rose Hill campus
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx, NY
2010 Senior Thesis Presentations
10:00-11:00: Contemporary Social Problems
Alex Filippo, “Peter the Nurse and Theresa the Politician: Exploring Gender Norms and Discrimination in the Workplace"
Kate McGee, "Engendering Injustice: Drug Economies, Drug Laws, and the Marginalization of Women in New York State"
Liz Bowen, “Writing Life with Diabetes: The Subjectivity of Chronic Illness in American Memoir”
2010 Senior Thesis Presentations
  11:10-12:10: Religion, Gender, and Politics in the Nineteenth Century
   Sean McGonigle, “Sectarianism and Citizenship: Church and State Debates in Nineteenth Century New York”
Christina Moehrle, “Imperial Domesticity: Native American Gender Ideology and Conformity in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries”
Jerome Gonzalez, "Feminizing Presidents: Joseph Keppler and Gender in Gilded Age Political Cartoons”
2010 Senior Thesis Presentations
12:20-1:00: Local Communities and Social Change
Maryanne Engelbrecht, “Neighborhood Blogging: How Localized Websites are Redefining Community”
 Justin Wright, “Gentrification in Spanish Harlem: Untold Stories of Area Residents”

1:50-2:50: Gender, Performance, and the Feminized Body in the Twentieth Century
Alexandra Gaudio, “Beauty and the Barbie Doll: When Life Imitates Plastic”
Dan Murphy, "There's No Crying in Baseball: Feminization, Sport, and Spectacle in the All American Girls' Professional Baseball League"
Taylor Riccio, “Performing Femininity: Rae Bourbon and Christine Jorgensen Onstage”

2010 Senior Thesis Presentations3:00-4:00: Transformations in Music and Dance
Kaylyn Toale, "From American Bandstand to Total Request Live: Teen Culture, Identity, and Music Television"
Eleni Koutroumanis, "So You Think You Know Dance? Popular Dance and Cultural Identity on Television"
Geoffrey Johnson, "Download This: Artist Development and Interconnectivity in the Internet Age"

Reception and celebration2010 Senior Thesis Presentations

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