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The Academic Financial Plan


The Academic Financial Plan

Committed to a transparent process, the Office of Planning and Analysis in the Provost Office is committed to the following values:

  • Enhancing institutional credibility
  • Maintaining confidence and trust
  • Using technology strategically
  • Supporting and promoting a culture of evidence

In support of the academic strategic priorities, we have embarked on several projects aimed at aligning funding sources with academic priorities that include the creation of tools to assist with the development of new programs, and supporting program review all with a focus on long-term planning.

Planning and the Academic Financial Plan (AFP)

Planning is a blend of rational and economic analysis that is participatory and highly tolerant of controversy. The AFP aligns planning priorities with available resources. The AFP is the Provost Office blueprint that is reflected in the institutional financial plan. The AFP looks outward and is aimed at keeping the academic units in step with a changing environment.


Initiatives are spending requests developed by academic units and are submitted, with the approval of the Dean and/or Provost, by the originating academic unit. An initiative request form is required for all funding requests including new programs and additional faculty and/or staff positions.

For the FY2014 to FY2018 budget preparation cycle, please submit initiatives on or before October 1, 2012.

Please submit your initiatives using the New Initiatives Form.

Prioritizing Initiatives and the Approval Process for Inclusion in the Academic Financial Plan

The Dean’s Council will meet to review and prioritize the initiatives into three categories: essential, desirable, or not supported. The Provost will give final approval for inclusion in the Academic Financial Plan (AFP).

Please note that initiatives that are not funded will be deleted at the end of the annual AFP process.

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