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Replacement of Existing Positions

Replacement of Existing Positions
Steps for Replacement of Existing Positions

1. When a position becomes vacant the dean must submit the request to the Office of the Provost.
2. The request must include a position description, a Notification of Vacancy form, including salary and budget information, as well as the incumbent's name and resignation letter.
3. Please download the Notification of Vacancy form by clicking here. Save the form to your computer to fill it in.
4. Once the form is completed, email it to

Approval Process

The Provost is responsible for final approval of all academic staff hiring. The Office of the Provost will coordinate the process and make sure that University departments are consulted. The process involves the following major steps.

Administrative Posting

The Office of Human Resources will review the Notification of Vacancy form and forward it to the Finance Office for budget approval. Once approved, The Office of Human Resources will post the vacancy.

Please note: All postings must be listed for a minimum of ten (10) University business days.

Search & Screening Process

The search and screening process is undertaken by the department's hiring committee.

Candidate is Selected

Once the candidate is selected, please inform the Office of Planning and Analysis and submit the following documents: (1) Recommendation of Hiring Letter, (2) a Record of Hiring Report (form), and (3) a copy of the candidate's resume. After the documents are received, the Office of Human Resources will be contacted to initiate the background check. This process may take between five (5) and ten (10) University business days.

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