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Welcome to the Office of Planning and Analysis. In the pursuit of growth and enrichment of the academic life at Fordham University, we have adopted a planning philosophy that includes making information-guided decisions, establishes an evidence-based planning process with actions as its outcome, and appropriately infuses planning into existing cultures.  The intended outcome of the planning/action process is not a document but specific action steps that align the allocation of financial and human resources with the University's mission and strategic priorities.

Office Contacts:

Paul Reis
Associate Vice President
718-817-3042 (p)
718-817-4322 (f)

Kevin Munnelly
Assistant Vice President for Budgets/Logistics
718-817-3044 (p)
718-817-4322 (f)

Jerome A. Contee
Assistant Vice President
NYS Department of Education Liaison and Academic Support Programs
718-8173046 (p)
718-817-0699 (f)

Julie Olivo-Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant
718-817-3052 (p)
718-817-4322 (f)


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