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Resources: People

Resources: People 
  Jeannine Pinto, Ph.D.
(718) 817-0430
  University Assessment Officer    
Gabelli School of Business & Graduate School of Business Administration

  Gilbert Stack, Ph.D.
(212) 636-6164
  Director of Assessment & Accreditation    
Graduate School of Education    
  Anthony Cancelli, E.D.
(212) 636-6479
  Director of Assessment, Professor of Psychological & Educational Services    
School of Law    
  Ian Weinstein, J.D., LL.M.    
  Associate Dean for Clinical and Experiential Programs, Professor of Law (212) 636.7066
 Graduate School of Religion & Religious Education  
  Patrick Holt, M. Phil. (718) 817-4800
  Assistant Dean    
Graduate School of Social Services    
  Amy Horowitz, DSW    
  Professor and Chair, Langenfeld Research and Demonstration Center
(212) 636-6708
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