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Welcome, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni and students.  This important page contains links to the University’s 2006 Middle States Self-Study Report, the Middle States Evaluation Team Report and the Statement of Accreditation issued by Middle States at the completion of the 2006 Self-Study.  These reports are the results of over two years worth of self-evaluation and the dedication of many individuals.  A special thank you to the Middle States Executive Staff for guiding the process.
The local self-study process culminated with the Evaluation Team’s visit in April 2006.  It is worthwhile to note that the Team commended the University for its thorough and honest self-study and included this commendation in its report to the Middle States Commission.
The Statement of Accreditation is the official document from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.  It affirms the University’s accreditation and outlines the next phase of the Middle States 10-year accreditation cycle for the University:  a five-year Periodic Review to be completed by June 2011.  The University’s next self-study evaluation is scheduled for 2015-2016.

Thank you for your contributions to and on-going interest in the self-study process!

The Office of Academic Affairs

2006 Middle States Self-Study
2006 Middle States Self-Study Report
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2006 Middle State Evaluation Team Report

2006 Middle States Statement of Accreditation

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