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NYS Department of Education Liaison and Academic Support Programs

NYS Department of Education Liaison and Academic Support Programs

Welcome to the Office of the Assistant Vice President. We are responsible for the coordination of activities between University academic programs and the New York State Department of Education (NYSED), as related to the development of proposals for the registration of new/revised degree and certificate programs. This Office updates the Office of the Provost regarding changes in State regulations and procedures for program registration. This Office also monitors revisions to the University's Inventory of Registered Programs.

In addition, we conduct special project activities, and supervise the program managers of the following three State/Federal-funded academic support programs: the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) - Lincoln Center, the TRIO Program and the STEP/CSTEP Program. The HEOP and CSTEP programs provide a range of services for undergraduates that include academic advising, mentoring and tutorial services, academic preparation for careers in scientific, technical, health and the licensed professions, internships and research opportunities, assistance with test preparation courses, pre-med review classes, financial aid for graduate applications, career seminars, workshops and field trips. The TRIO and STEP Programs both offer a range of pre-college academic enrichment services including academic classes, advisement, tutoring, workshops, field trips, and test preparation.

Jerome A. Contee, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President

Office Contacts

Michael Molina
Director, STEP/CSTEP Programs
718-817-3266 (p)
718-817-3263 (f)

Elena Vranich
Director, HEOP - Lincoln Center
212-636-6238 (p)
212-636-7036 (f)

Elliot Palais
Director, TRIO
718-817-4821 (p)
718-817-2513 (f)

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