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Endowed & Distinguished Chairs

Arts and Sciences Endowed and Distinguished Appointments

Barbara Hilkert Andolsen, Ph.D., has been named the James E. Buckman, Esq. Chair in Applied Christian Ethics. Dr. Andolsen will teach in the Department of Theology. She was formerly the Helen Bennett McMurray Professor of Social Ethics at Monmouth University.

David V. Budescu, Ph.D., has been named the Anne Anastasi Chair of Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology. Dr. Budescu is formerly a professor of psychology at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Saul Cornell, Ph.D., has been named the Paul and Diane Guenther Chair in American History. Dr. Cornell who specializes in legal/constitutional history, early American history, and American intellectual and cultural history will be teaching in the History department here at Fordham.

John J. Drummond, Ph.D., has been named Robert Southwell, S.J. Distinguished Professor of Humanities. Dr. Drummond is a professor and chair of Philosophy. His specialty is contemporary philosophy, especially the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl and the existential and hermeneutic traditions that arise therefrom.

Heather Dubrow, Ph.D., has been named the John J. Boyd, S.J., Chair in Poetic Imagination. Dr. Dubrow is formerly the Tighe-Evans Professor and John Bascom Professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and will teach in the English department.

Celia B. Fisher, Ph.D., has been named the Marie Ward Doty Chair. Dr. Fisher is a professor of Psychology and founding Director of the Fordham University Center for Ethnics Education.

Bradford E. Hinze, Ph.D., has been named the Karl Rahner Chair in Theology. Dr. Hinze is a professor in Theology. Research interests are Ecclesiology, Pneumatology, Theological Hermeneutics and Critical Theory, Practical, Contextual, and Global Issues in Ecclesiology and Theological Pedagogy.

Frank Hsu, Ph.D., has been named Clavius Distinguished Professor of Science. Dr. Hsu is Professor of Computer and Information Science. 

Jo Anna Isaak, Ph.D., has been named the John L. Marion Chair in Art History, Painting and Sculpture. Dr. Isaak is a professor in Art History and a specialist in modernism and contemporary art was installed on April 6.

Elizabeth A. Johnson, C.S.J., is a Distinguished Professor of Theology. Research interests are systematic theology, feminist theology, ecological theology.

Maryanne Kowaleski, Ph.D., has been named the Joseph Fitzpatrick, S.J. Professor of Social Science. Dr. Kowaleski is a professor of History and Medieval Studies and Director of the Center for Medieval Studies. She specializes in medieval economic and social history; women and family; urban history; maritime history; England.

Lawrence Kramer,Ph.D., is a  Distinguished Professor of English and Music. Editor, 19th- century music.  His work concerns the interrelations of literature, music, and culture. He is a composer whose works have been performed internationally.

Dominick Salvatore, Ph.D., is a Distinguished Professor and chair of Economics, and Director of the Ph.D. Program in Economics.

Terrence W. Tilley, Ph.D., has been named the first Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. chair in Catholic Theology. Dr. Tilley, professor of theology and chair of the department, an award-winning theologian and author,
was formally installed at a ceremony in the Spring Semester of 2011

Merold Westphal, Ph.D., is a Distinguished Professor in Philosophy. Dr. Westphal's philosophical interests are in Continental philosophy from Kant to the present.

Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, Ph.D., has been named The Thomas F.X.Mullarkey Chair in Literature. Dr. Wogan-Browne, professor in English and Chair in Medieval Literature at the University of York UK. Her interests are in Medieval insular literary culture, 1100-1500, especially medieval English and French vernaculars; medieval women’s writing.

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