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 Faculty Instructions for Fall 2013 Online SEEQ Process


1.     Please prepare students for the SEEQ surveys through the following options:

·         Announce that the SEEQ survey is an extremely important aspect of the course for all students and faculty

·         Indicate that SEEQ surveys will be a part of the course and that they will be filled out online during a specified class time as the paper forms were

·         Survey students to determine how many own a mobile device that can be used to complete the SEEQ survey online in class; special requirements will be met

2.     Announce to students: When SEEQ surveys will open and close for the course and pass out instructions for completing SEEQs online

·         Online SEEQs will typically open 14 days prior to the last day of class

·         Online SEEQs will typically close 7 days prior to the last day of the semester (end of finals)

·         Actual open and close dates will be provided to faculty so that a class day for completion can be planned and announced.

·         Completion of the electronic surveys in class will require no more and no less time than the paper forms

3.      Announce to students the designated class day (picked by the instructor) when students will complete the online SEEQs in class.

·         students should bring with them a device (laptop, smart phone, tablet/iPad) with which they can complete the surveys

·         Ask students who do not own a device whether it would be possible to borrow such a device from a friend not in the class or a classmate who finishes the survey

4.      Similar to the current SEEQ process, plan to use 10-15 minutes of the designated class day for the completion of the online SEEQ

·         remind students that 10-15 minutes of class will be used to complete the surveys using the devices that they have brought to class (laptop, smart phone, table/iPad)

·         ask for a volunteer to read through the instructions related to the SEEQs

·         Provide 10-15 minutes of class time for completion of Online Evaluations.

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