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Memo from the Dean: FACULTY ACTIVITIES



TO:               Faculty of Arts and Sciences

FROM:         John P. Harrington, Dean

RE:               Internal Funding for Faculty Activities

CC:              A&S Deans Council, Provost Stephen Freedman, Associate Vice President 
                   Jonathan Crystal, Maura Gallagher

On the recommendation of the A&S Deans Council and the Department Chairs, I am pleased to again announce an open call for proposals for internal funding in support of faculty research activities.

Resources are always limited and these include the sources of support for this initiative including hosting conferences, research seminars, visiting lectures and publication subvention.  In order to maximize support, to focus it on program goals, and to distribute available funds as widely as possible, I am sending this call for proposals from tenured and tenure-track faculty for funding to be used spring 2013 semesters.  The deadline for requesting funding is midnight on Friday, January 25th. 

We are again using survey monkey to collect the data.. The link is:


I am happy to answer any questions about this call for proposals, which we plan to repeat in January and again in September of next year.  Feel free to circulate this memo to other tenured or tenure-track faculty.

I look forward to learning more about your work.



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