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Seeq Teaching Evaluations



A&S Council (April 25, 2012) and Legal Counsel approved these guidelines for retaining original SEEQ forms:

Instructor Categories    minimum duration of retention period

Tenure-Track faculty    until tenure

Tenured faculty, all ranks    6 years
All other Full-time (Lecturer/Clinical)    6 years

Tenured faculty, retired or resigned    2 years after leaving Fordham
Visiting faculty, all ranks    2 years after leaving Fordham
Pre-doctoral and post-doctoral teaching fellows    2 years after leaving Fordham
Artists-in-Residence    2 years after leaving Fordham
Adjuncts/Part-time    2 years after leaving Fordham
Graduate Student TAs/TFs    2 years after leaving Fordham

These are guidelines for departments and represent minimal requirements for SEEQ envelope retention.  Departments may choose to retain all or some of the envelopes longer if they wish.  They should always retain tabulated SEEQ data and graphic representation summaries in the instructor’s file.

Graduate students often request student comments from past SEEQ evaluations when they obtain their doctoral degree and depart Fordham.  The Committee discussed providing a typed copy of SEEQ comments for such graduating students to supplement the standard sheets, and it decided to leave that decision to the departments.

Below is the time frame for department storage of original SEEQ envelopes, approved by the Arts & Sciences Council April 30, 2008:


1.     In all cases, any SEEQ evaluations are to be stored in the department offices. Only the summary sheets are to be distributed directly to faculty.

2.     Keeping four years of these original evaluation forms for full professors

3.     Keeping all evaluations for the rest of the faculty.



The SEEQ student evaluation of all Arts & Sciences courses takes place in the last two weeks of classes every semester. Since it is administered for all A&S courses, on both the undergraduate and graduate levels, it provides a common instrument for student evaluation of courses and faculty and is used for counseling, reappointment, tenure and promotion purposes. The office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences Faculty administers this procedure.


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