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Role of Interdisciplinary Programs



This document is intended to clarify the role that Interdisciplinary Programs play in the reappointment, promotion and tenure of their members.  It would be helpful to all if candidates and Program Directors would also read this before beginning the process. 

A program enters the personnel decision process in two ways:

in all cases, whether a program is a degree-granting program or not, it is required by the University Statutes to prepare a report on the candidate;


if it is a degree-granting program, the candidate may request that a member of the program be appointed as a full member of the departmental personnel committee. 

Please note that a program is a degree-granting program if it is entitled to offer a major.  Most are so entitled; if in doubt, please ask.

The University Statutes discuss the matter in several places; 4-05.01(f), 4-05.03(c), 4-05.04(f) and 4-05.05(c).  A tabbed section of this handbook has a copy of the relevant portions of the University Statutes as they existed at the time this was published.  For the most up-to-date information, please check online at the Fordham website:

Section 4-05.01(f) specifies that, when the faculty member being considered for reappointment, promotion or tenure is a member of an interdisciplinary program, the director of that program is to prepare, in consultation with the program’s executive committee, a report concerning the candidate’s work in the program.  This document becomes part of the reappointment file, and/or can be read at the personnel meeting if a program representative is part of the candidate’s personnel committee.

The other sections cited above state that when a candidate is a member of a degree-granting program, s/he may request that a representative from that program be appointed to the departmental personnel committee.  The formal request is made to the Dean of Faculty, using the form (electronic version).  The Dean of Faculty sends the request to the program director that, after consultation with the program’s executive committee, nominates two candidates for this role and sends the form back to the Dean.  The Dean approves one name and notifies the department chair and the program director.

Clearly it is advisable for the candidate to informally notify both the program director and the department chair that s/he is planning to request a program representative for the personnel committee so that they can work together to set up the meeting time and date.



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