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Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance

Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance

1.   Link to the Cura Personalis Guides that Student Affairs & Faculty Senate had created:
These guides cover: Responding to Student's Mental Health Emergencies, Student's Threatening Behavior, Student's Alcohol & Drug Abuse, and Student's Emotional Distress.
2.  Who to call if a student / employee reports being sexually harassed (rape, assaulted, etc) or the victim of any other crime:

* Safety & Security is 24/7 and can also make sure that person receives the support they would need (inform them of the various options for them, receive medical care if need be, etc ).
* There
really is No Wrong Person or Office with the list below -- > because each office will get the person to the "right" person so the victim will get the resources & support they need.  I would suggest calling and speaking with someone rather than e-mailing b/c people don't always check e-mail.
a) Safety & Security -- for any vicitim (students, employees / faculty, third parties) 
b) Dean of Students / Residential Life staff (RAs, RDs) for the campus
c) Title IX Coordinator 
d) Health Center
e) Counseling Center -- (completely confidential)
f) Campus Ministries -- (completely confidential) 
Below is the link for Students -- Frequently Asked Questions: If I am a Victim of a Sexual Offense
3.  Title IX Grievance Procedures for Complaints of Sex Discrimination (including Sexual Harassment), Sexual Assault and Violence, Stalking and Domestic Violence (including Dating Violence).
Quick Break-down of who will handle the University grievances re: incidents involving various people:
a) Student - Student --> Dean of Student for the campus
b) Student - Faculty or Other Employee or Third Person --> Title IX Coordinator / Director of Institutional Equity & Compliance (me)
c) Employee or Faculty - Employee or Faculty --> Title IX Coordinator / Director of Institutional Equity & Compliance (me)
4.  Office of Disability Service -- do not hesitate to contact them directly with individual concerns.
The office of The Director of Institutional  Equity and Compliance is Anastasia Coleman and her office is located in the Administration Building, Room 114.  The telephone number is 718-817-3112.

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