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Fordham University Student Course Evaluation for Subject (Secondary Subject)

As part of our focus on improving the student experience at Fordham University, we are seeking your feedback on the courses in which you are currently enrolled. This feedback is critical, providing us a better understanding of your classroom and educational experiences. This better understanding is the foundation for improving those experiences to meet the needs of all of our students.

  • Select the response which best reflects your experiences of the course. If you have no experience of a particular question, please select 'Not Applicable'for that question.
  • To save your answers and move onto the next section, just click the NEXT button.
  • Please remember to click the SUBMIT button after you complete each survey.
  • Please use the space provided after each section if you wish to comment further about any aspect of this course.
  • If you are unable to complete the survey in one session, make sure to save your review by clicking the SAVE button.
  • If your session times out prior to submitting, please return to your original email.
  • To resume a previously saved survey, return to your original email containing the link to your course evaluations.
Because your feedback is important, we may send reminders after a few days if we haven't received your reply. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

John Harrington, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Michael Latham, Dean, Fordham College at Rose Hill
Robert Grimes, SJ, Dean, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Isabelle Frank, Dean, Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies
Nancy Busch, Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Fordham University

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