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Memo from the Dean: ACADEMIC TRAVEL





TO:                  All Arts and Sciences Department Chairs

FROM:             John Harrington

RE:                 Academic Travel Policy

CC:                 Arts and Sciences Deans

Attached are three documents: the 2013-2014 Academic Travel Guidelines for Arts and Sciences Faculty, the 2013-2014 Academic Travel Allowable Expenses for Arts & Sciences Faculty and a sample of the document used to report Academic Travel.  Please make sure your faculty are familiar with the allowable expenses in order to facilitate the processing of their travel reimbursements.

As explained in the accompanying Academic Travel Guidelines, by September 15th you should submit to Felicia Satchell in my office ( a report of each conference trip that faculty members intend to take during academic year 2013-2014, including any travel already taken since July 1, 2013.  The attached sample spreadsheet may be used for that purpose; if your department needs it, you may add the additional column shown on this spreadsheet to include approved miscellaneous expenses.  The statutory guidelines concerning reimbursement of academic travel are included at the end of this memo.

The spreadsheet requests the two previous years’ actual expenditures.  Please explain any variance between these and the current year’s requested amount.  Only with this calculation in hand is it possible to determine, given this year’s academic travel budget, whether costs can be reimbursed fully or only partially.

By the end of September each Chair will receive the dollar amount available to the department for 2013-2014.  As Chairs are in the best position to determine specific guidelines for reimbursement, travel money will be placed in the department’s budget with each department receiving the same proportion, as high as possible, of the total estimate submitted.  The Chair’s task and responsibility will be to apportion these funds equitably and within the limits of the department’s budget and the A&S Travel Guidelines to determine the proper reimbursement for each trip.



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