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2013-2014 Arts & Sciences Faculty

Arts & Sciences Deans INTERNAL FUNDING Policies

  • twice a year, in September and January, the Arts and Sciences Deans send out a request for proposals for internal funding in support of faculty activities.
  • the Deans review the requests and the Dean of Faculty sends e-mails to the faculty who have been awarded funding, indicating the amount of funding and the Dean or Deans who are providing it.
  • the Dean of Faculty sends a listing of all awards to all Department Chairs and a listing of the department's awards to the department's support staff.
  • all payments for services, food, etc. will be made through the regular department budget; expenses up to the amount awarded are transferred into the department's or program's budget, simplifying access to the funds
  • when visitors submit their receipts, these should be expeditiously forwarded for reimbursement
  • in order to qualify for a reimbursement, all receipts must be processed within 30 days of the conclusion of the event; for June events, the receipts must be received by June 30th
  • At the conclusion of the funded activity, please include a short report of the outcome to the Dean of A&S Faculty
Speaker Travel Arrangements
  • If funding includes travel expenses for a visitor (speaker, etc.), these expenses must be paid by the visitor (or their institution) or directly by Fordham. No faculty member may personally pay a visitors hotel or airfare expenses and expect to be reimbursed.
  • Visitors should be asked to book their own transportation in the most cost effective manner, usually via the internet.
  • If  a visitor cannot pay for the ticket, transportation arrangements can be paid directly by Fordham and MUST be made through Omega Travel; to arrange transportation through Omega, the sponsoring faculty member must fill out the Fordham University Travel Authorization Form, receive the proper budgetary signature and FAX it to Omega; be advised that Omega is not able to provide the special internet fares offered by airlines and charges a fee for service.
  • discounted hotel reservations for visitor expenses must be made through Conference Services at 212-636-7900 in order to receive the Fordham University discounted price and have the expenses charged directly to Fordham; you are free to use alternative hotels available through Expedia, Priceline, etc.but these will have to be paid by the visitor and then reimbursed.
Accounts Payable Policies
  • a Check Request for reimbursement of visitor expenses must include all original receipts, a copy of the event flyer and the appropriate IRS paperwork(see below); all expenses may be totaled and submitted on online of the Check Request form
  • if the visitors is receiving an honorarium, this should be on a separate Check Request and include the invitation letter or a memo indicating the amount of the honorarium along with a copy of the event flyer and the appropriate IRS paperwork(see below)
  • requests for transfer of funds to a foreign bank can be made to Suzie Docarmo in the Finance Office (see note at the bottom of the next page for contact information)
  • any payment request that does not follow the guidelines below will be returned for proper completion


This paperwork is now required for ALL visitors for whom Fordham is reimbursing expenses or paying an honorarium.  The expense reimbursement will not be reported to the IRS, but Fordham is required to collect the information. 



In addition, for foreign nationals who are receiving an honorarium

  • A copy of the Social Security Card or Tax identification number
  • if eligible for a tax treaty, visitor must complete Form 8233, otherwise 30% tax must be withheld. Without SSN,30% tax must be withheld and the department has to pay a $50 IRS penalty via interdepartmental expense transfer. Contact Susie Docarmoat extension 4972 or email for more information.
  • an Alien Information Collection Form
  • a copy of all pages in the passport including Visas and I-94. (NRAs from Canada or a visa waiver country will not have Visas)
  • for J-1 visa holders, a copy of the DS-2019 (formerly IAP-66), which is the Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1),status stamped J-1. For J-1 visa holders sponsored by another university, also attach the prior written authorization from that school’s “responsible officer.”
Contact Susie Docarmo at extension 4972 or email for more information on requirements for foreign nationals


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