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Interview Questions

Fordham University
Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity 

Interview Questions

In order to ensure sound hiring procedures, avoid disparate treatment and prevent unlawful discrimination, the appointment process should be fair, objective and consistent. Questions of candidates should focus on the individual’s qualifications, abilities and performance of the position. A candidate’s personal characteristics which are not related to ability or qualification should be excluded from the employment process. This includes not only direct questions, but also an interviewer’s attempt to draw conclusions on prohibited matters from letters of application, resumes, and letters of recommendation.


The following are examples to review to enable you to conduct interviews and reference inquiries in a non-discriminatory manner. If acceptable questions are asked, they should generally be asked of all candidates.

Category   Prohibited Acceptable
Age Questions about an individual’s 
age, date of birth, or requests for birth certificates. 
Are you at least 18 years 
of age?
Arrest Record   Any inquiry related to arrest. NONE.
Conviction Record   Inquiries regarding convictions
that do not relate to performing 
the particular job under consideration.
Inquiries about total convictions; information obtained must be used 
only if it related to the applicant’s 
fitness to perform the job.


Inquiries regarding a person’s capability of performing a job that is not based upon the essential functions of the job or for safety reasons.

Do you have a disability or any health problems which may affect your performance in this position?

What is the prognosis or expectation regarding the condition or disability? 
Are you able to perform the essential functions of this job with or without 
an accommodation? (Provide a description of the essential functions)

Will you need to be absent for 
special treatment of the disability?

If an applicant’s known disability may interfere with or prevent the performance of a job-related function, whether or not the employer routinely makes such a request of all applicants, it is permissible to ask:

Please demonstrate how, with or without reasonable accommodation, you will be able to perform the job-related function(s).


Gender of applicant, where sex is not a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ).

How would you feel about working for a man/woman? 

Gender Identity or Expression    

Questions or inquiries about a persons appearance, expression or behavior or deliberately misusing an individual’s preferred name or form of address or disclosing to others that a person is transgender. NONE.
Genetic Information Questions or inquiries about an individual’s medical history or family illness.

Is there anything in your medical history or family illness which will affect your ability to work?
Military Record   Questions or inquiries into discharge status. Unless it is the result of a military conviction. Type of experience and education in service as it relates to the particular job.

National Origin  

Require proof of citizenship prior to employment.

Lineage, ancestry, descent, mother tongue, birthplace or citizenship of candidate, spouse or parents.

Whether the candidate is eligible to work in the United States.

Make that statement that, if hired, applicant must furnish proof of citizenship or appropriate visa.

Organizational Affiliation  Of what organizations are you a member?  Are you active in any professional organizations that are related to the responsibilities of this position?
Race or Color   Are you of _____ heritage/race? What are you? NONE.


Do you have religious beliefs that would prevent you from working certain days of the week?

What is your religion?

Which church do you attend?

Are you able to work the required schedule?
Socioeconomic Status   What kind of credit rating do you have? NONE.




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