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Minutes for Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Meeting #69 Wednesday 23 April 2014
LL309, Lincoln Center and Dealy115, Rose Hill

Attending:  Profs. Brakalova, J. Clark, Cruise, De Luca, Fessatidis, Fader, Frank, Gilbert, Gowans, Hendler, Hornbeck, Hume, Idris, Kalina, Kowaleski, Lewis, McFadden, McGee, Moniot, Nissim, Reich, Roy, Schiaffino, Schwalbenberg, Sogno, Swinth, Vernon, Schwalbenberg, Vich, Student Representatives:  Lauren Carpenter, Emily Horihan, Louise Lingat; Deans:  Busch , Frank, Grimes S.J., Latham, Harrington; Associate Deans:  Cooney, Mattson, O’Connell; Guests:  Profs. O.Rodriguez, Davenport; Recording Secretary:  Maura Gallagher

Not Present: Professors Benavides, Ciaccio, Entelis, Fischer, Kueny, Rowe, Salvatore, Stone, van Buren, Wakeman, Winczewski; Associate Deans (excused): Houston, Tuininga, Vernazza.

The meeting was convened by John P. Harrington, Dean of Arts & Sciences Faculty, at 3:36 P.M.

Approval of the Minutes
The minutes of meetings #67 on 04 March 2014 and #68 on 03 April 2014 were approved (26-0-0).

Report of the Core Curriculum Committee
Prof. Hume, Chair, reported on the Senior Values guidelines included with the Agenda and the proposed improvements to the online course submissions.  He then discussed the Committee’s concerns about the dissolution of the Center for Teaching Excellence and their letter to the Provost; he reported that Dr. Freedman requested a meeting to discuss this and that they would be setting one up in the near future.  Dean Harrington added that department chairs had also approached the Provost on this issue and Dr. Freedman would be attending the May 5th meeting of Department Chairs.  The last item discussed was the assessment of core courses.  Prof. Hume explained how time-consuming this assessment process has become and that faculty on the subcommittees currently involved are feeling overwhelmed with assessment in addition to evaluating courses.  The Committee suggested that this process required either more administrative support or the creation of a standing faculty committee for assessment.  The report was accepted (28,0,0).

Report of the Majors and Curricula Committee
Prof. Cruise, Chair, presented the three items reviewed by the Committee and attached to the Agenda, noting that all three had a majority vote.  Prof. Reich clarified that the proposal for New Media and Digital Design was a revision in curriculum for the previously approved major.  Profs. O. Rodriguez and Davenport responded to comments in the Majors and Curricula Report on the Peace and Justice minor at FCRH, Prof. Davenport indicating that he would follow-up on the Council suggestions prior to implementation and that further communication with the M&C chair and Deans would occur.
The Council approved the report (28,0,0).

Report of the Nominations Committee
Dean Harrington announced that the Committee was accepting nominations to fill positions for next year.  The nominations would be presented to the Council when the slate is full.

Faculty Evaluation Committee Report
No report.

Undergraduate Science Education
Following discussions earlier in the term with the Provost and science faculty, Dean Latham moved that a Standing Committee be created to evaluate progress made by the University toward fulfillment of the recommendations in the Undergraduate Science Education Committee Report and Goals (January 2014).  The Committee would be responsible for reviewing the Report’s goals and for periodically evaluating progress toward achieving them through written reports to the Provost and the Council.  Following discussion that composition of such a committee should also include three representatives from the humanities and social sciences (revising the number of members from 12 to 15), and that the A&S Council should review the work of such a committee after five years to determine whether it should continue, the Council passed a motion to agree to the establishment of a Committee as set forth in Dean Latham’s directive, with the addition of these 2 friendly amendments (29,0,0).

Add/ Drop Extension Proposal
The Council passed the motion to establish an ad hoc Committee to review this proposal (27,0,1).

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:37 P.M.

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