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Minutes for Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Meeting #66 Wednesday 04 December 2013
LL708, Lincoln Center and Dealy115, Rose Hill

Attending: Professors Lamas for Benavides, J. Clark, De Luca, Fessatidis, Fader, Gilbert, GoGwilt, Gowans, Hendler, Scirghi, S.J. for Hornbeck, Hume, Anderson, S.J. for Idris, Kowaleski, Margid, McFadden, McGee, Nissim, Reich, Rowe, Schiaffino, Stone , Swinth, van Buren, Vernon,Wakeman; Student Representatives: Emily Horihan, Louise Lingat; Deans: Frank, Grimes S.J., Latham, Harrington; Associate Deans: Cooney, Mattson, O’Connell; Recording Secretary: Maura Gallagher

Not Present: Professors Botton/Frank, Brakalova, Ciaccio, Entelis, Fischer, Green, Kasten (excused), Kueny, Lewis, Moniot, Salvatore, Schwalbenberg, Sogno, Vich, Winczewski; Student Representatives: Lauren Carpenter; Deans (excused) Busch; Associate Deans (excused): Houston, Tuininga, Vernazza.

The meeting was convened by John P. Harrington, Dean of Arts & Sciences Faculty, at 3:35 P.M.

Approval of the Minutes
The minutes of meeting #65 on 02 October 2013 were approved (24-0-1).

Report of the Core Curriculum Committee
Prof. Hume reported that guidelines are being prepared to clarify the criteria used to approve Senior Values proposals because a number of recent proposals were returned for additional content.  In addition, he discussed the steps proposed by the Committee to start the assessment of the Core, responding to questions by saying that many aspects of the methodology had not yet been determined.  The report was accepted (26,0,0)

Report of the Majors and Curricula Committee

In the absence of Prof. Kasten, Chair, Dean Harrington introduced the two items sent on by the Committee.  The revision to the Communication and Media Studies major to eliminate the mandatory minor was approved (27,0,0).  The change to the Core Curriculum regarding study abroad courses involved two differing documents – a proposal approved by the FCLC College Council and an amended version approved by the FCRH College Council.  The discussion indicated substantive differences in the two documents.  A motion that the proposal from the FCRH Council be returned to the FCLC Council for a vote on the amended wording was approved (27,0,0).

Report of the Nominations Committee

Prof. McFadden, Chair, presented revisions to the slate of nominees included with the Agenda.  The new slate, below, was approved (27,0,0).

Core Curriculum Committee:
Susan Greenfield EN  2013-2014
Francesca Parmeggiani  MLL  2013-2016

American Pluralism Subcommittee:
R. Bentley Anderson, S.J.  AAAS  2013-2014
Dennis Tyler  ENGL  2013-2016
Daniel Soyer  HIST  2013-2016

Globalism Subcommittee:
Shoshana Enelow  ENGL  2013-2016

Senior Values Subcommittee:
Margaret Andover  PSYCH  2013-2016

Eloquentia Perfecta subcommittee:
Daniel Contreras  ENGL  2013-2016

Interdisciplinary Capstone subcommittee:
Doron Ben-Atar  HIST  2013-2016
Glenn Hendler  ENGL  2013-2016

Faculty Evaluation Committee Report
Since the Committee is still without a Chair, Dean Harrington reported that the SEEQs for this semester are progressing and that 2 reminders had already been sent to students and faculty.  It was mentioned that graduate classes continue for about 2 weeks past the undergraduate courses and a request was made that this be considered in future semesters.

New Business

•    Simultaneous Registration:
As presented in the agenda, after the inauspicious test this semester the FCRH Council has voted to maintain simultaneous registration while FCLC Council has voted to end it.  A motion from the Exec Committee that an Ad-Hoc Committee be formed to make a recommendation to the Council (as described on the corrected Agenda, attached) was approved (27,0,0).

•    Voting Membership for Interdisciplinary Programs:
Discussion centered around the criteria for deciding which 6 interdisciplinary programs had voting privileges on the Council, and the benefit of full representation.  The motion that the voting franchise be extended to all interdisciplinary programs that offered either a major or graduate degree, effective immediately, and that this be considered an Addendum to the Constitution for Operating Purposes rather than a change to the Constitution, was passed (26,0,1).

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:47 P.M.

FUTURE MEETING DATES, videoconferenced between RH and LC at 3:30-5:00:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
December 4, 2013
Videoconferenced:  Dealy 115 and LL708

I.   Approval of the Minutes of the October 2, 2013 meeting

II.  Committee Reports:
Core Curriculum Committee – Robert Hume, Chair
Majors and Curricula Committee – Carey Kasten, Chair
Nominations Committee – Susanna McFadden, Chair
Faculty Evaluation committee

III. New Business:

On November 21, 2013, the A&S Council Executive Committee took the following action between meetings and now seek council participation of it: "Because the FCRH and the FCLC Councils passed conflicting recommendations for and against simultaneous student course registration, the Executive Committee moves that an Ad-Hoc Committee on spring 2014 registration be formed to make a recommendation to the Council; the committee membership will be 3 Associate Deans (FCRH, FCLC, GBS), 1 faculty member from each of the three undergraduate college councils, and 1 student from each of the three councils (or equivalent).  The committee should consult with the offices of Information Technology and Enrollment Management.  The committee recommendation is to be made as soon as possible for action by the Council at its meeting of February.

FUTURE MEETING DATES, videoconferenced between RH and LC at 3:30-5:00:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Addenda to the Constitution for Operating Purposes

From the Minutes of December 4, 2013

Interdisciplinary Program Representation on Arts & Sciences Council

Limiting full participation to only the 6 largest interdisciplinary programs with a major or graduate degree restricts the relevance and representative nature of the A&S Council, as well as raises questions about the appropriateness of the current definition of “largest“ -- those having granted the most degrees, without consideration of other aspects of program life less easily quantified.

The A&S Council therefore passed a motion to amend the Addenda to the Constitution for Operating Purposes as follows:

The voting franchise on the Arts and Sciences Council is extended to include all interdisciplinary programs that offer a major or a graduate degree, effective immediately.

From the Minutes ofDecember 11, 2011

Standing Committees

Due to lack of activity, and for recruitment of members to remaining committees, the following standing committees are suspended until moved otherwise by the Council:

The Faculty Policy and Resources Committee
The Adult Education Committee
The Student Policy Committee

The continuing standing committees of the Council are:

The Core Curriculum Committee (and its subcommittees)
The Committee on Majors and Curricula
The Arts and Sciences Faculty Evaluation Committee

From the Minutes of April 29, 2009

Interdisciplinary Program Representation on Arts & Sciences Council

The Constitution of the Arts & Sciences Council states that the two largest single-campus programs at FCLC, the two largest single-campus programs at FCRH and the two largest bi-campus programs have a vote on the Arts & Sciences Council. Because there are many fewer single-campus programs now than when the Constitution was written, the Council at earlier meetings this year had asked the Executive Committee to review this and recommend a change. Dean Himmelberg presented the following Executive Committee recommendation:

That the six largest interdisciplinary programs have a vote on the Arts & Sciences Council.

The Council approved the Executive Committee’s proposal (22-1-0). There was further discussion concerning the necessity of calling for a Constitutional amendment. The council preferred to consider this a procedural change rather than an amendment to the Constitution.

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