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Minutes for Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Meeting #65 Wednesday 02 October 2013
LL708, Lincoln Center and Dealy115, Rose Hill

Attending: Professors Benavides, J. Clark, De Luca, Fessatidis, Fader, Gilbert, Gowans, Hendler, Hornbeck, Hume, Idris, Kowaleski, Lewis, Margid, McFadden, McGee, Moniot, Nissim, Reich, Rowe, Schiaffino, Sogno, Kowaleski for Swinth, Van Buren, Vich, Wakeman; Student Representatives: Lauren Carpenter, Emily Horihan, Louise Lingat; Deans: Busch, Frank, Grimes S.J., Latham, Harrington; Associate Deans: Cooney, Mattson, O’Connell; Guests: Dr. Stephen Freedman, Provost, and Dr. Jonathan Crystal, Associate Vice President and Associate Chief Academic Officer; Recording Secretary: Maura Gallagher

Not Present: Professors Botton/Frank, Brakalova, Ciaccio, Entelis, Fischer, GoGwilt, Green, Kasten (excused), Kueny, Salvatore, Schwalbenberg, Stone (excused),  Vernon, Winczewski; Associate Deans (excused): Houston, Tuininga, Vernazza.

The meeting was convened by John P. Harrington, Dean of Arts & Sciences Faculty, at 3:35 P.M.

Approval of the Minutes
The minutes of meeting #64 on 24 April 2013 and the electronic vote of 16-22 May 2013 were approved with a correction from Dean Harrington (22-0-3). Attached are the approved minutes.

Report on the New FCLC Programs approved by the Council in May
Fr. Grimes updated the Council on the current status of the four programs approved by emergency vote last May. The three majors (Fashion Studies is a minor) were sent to Albany and approved in July. Music Theatre has been tabled because of lack of facilities, with an projected implementation date of fall 2016; Humanitarian Studies is progressing well and appears on the Fordham academics website; a new curriculum is being created for New Media and Digital Design; the Fashion Studies at LC minor is proceeding and currently needs a committee to oversee it.

Report of the Core Curriculum Committee
Prof. Hume announced that the Committee met and elected him Chair. Because Core subcommittees were in transition, decisions on all new courses sent during the summer were deferred until after the regular October 15th deadline. The committee acted to create a policy for expediting course approvals, endorsed a policy to permit students to complete certain core requirements abroad, and set assessment as a major commitment for this year. Attached are the September 30th Core Curriculum Committee Minutes.

Report of the Majors and Curricula Committee
Dean Harrington introduced the change approved by the Committee in the absence of Prof. Kasten, Chair. Prof. Hendler, Chair of the English department, explained the development of this request to approve a concentration in Creative Writing within the English Major.

Visit from the Provost, Dr. Stephen Freedman
Dr. Freedman discussed the current state of the University with the Council and Dean Harrington invited him to return for the Council’s December meeting, if his schedule permits.

Report of the Nominations Committee
Prof. McFadden, Chair, presented 2 nominees for the Council’s approval and requested that nominations for current openings in committees and subcommittees be sent to her.

Faculty Evaluation Committee Report
Prof. Gilbert, outgoing Chair, reported that there was a 71% response rate for spring 2013 on-line SEEQs, compared to 79% for paper SEEQs in fall 2012 and an average 75% response rate over the last few years for the paper questionnaire. He discussed some of the start-up problems and actions taken to correct them, and said that tailoring the questionnaire by department or even instructor would be available in the future, as well as longitudinal studies of the data. Currently the SEEQ data students can review prior to registration is in two places, so a motion was passed “That the A&S Council directs Information Technology to unify points of access for all prior SEEQ data under the student my.fordham course evaluation tab.” (27,0,1)

Actionable Items
All actionable items presented in the agenda were approved (28,0,0).

New Business
No new business was proposed

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:58 P.M.

FUTURE MEETING DATES, videoconferenced between RH and LC at 3:30-5:00:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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