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Inter-University Doctoral Consortium
Consortium Requirements: Students who wish to register for courses at any of the participating universities in the New York Doctoral Consortium (listed below) must be matriculated and have completed one year of study in a Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) doctoral program. Only one consortium course may be taken each semester, and departments have the right to limit the type of courses and number of credits taken through the consortium. Courses may not be taken through the consortium during the summer. The other participating universities may place additional restrictions on consortium enrollment. Students should refer to the contacts listed for each institution on page two of the registration form.

Consortium Registration: To register for consortium courses, students must use the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium Registration Form and obtain all required signatures. It is the student’s responsibility to return a copy of the signed form to the GSAS Office of Academic Programs & Support.

Consortium registration (ZZGA0920) for the semester will be listed once the completed and signed Doctoral Consortium Form is processed. Students pay their home school tuition for Consortium courses. At Fordham, charges are included in the regular bursar's bill. Deadlines for making consortium course changes (add, drop, change of grade type) at Fordham University are governed by the GSAS Academic Calendar. The grading system of the host institution is followed. Grades earned for consortium courses are not calculated into a student’s GSAS cumulative GPA. Upon completion of the consortium course, students must obtain an official record of his/her grade and submit it to the GSAS Office Academic Programs & Support. Not doing this may result in not receiving credit for the course.
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