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Heather Dubrow
Professor; Rev. John Boyd, S.J. Chair; 
Director, Reading Series, Poets Out Loud

B.A. and Ph.D., Harvard University
Dealy 528W
Ext. 4015

Heather Dubrow is the author of six scholarly books, most recently The Challenges of Orpheus: Lyric Poetry and Early Modern England (Johns Hopkins). Her other publications include a collection of her own poetry (Forms and Hollows), a co-edited collection of essays, an edition of As You Like It, and articles on early modern literature and on teaching. Current projects include a new book on lyric and a new collection of poems. Building bridges between critical approaches has long been one of her goals, and in particular she engages with what is sometimes termed the new formalism, which traces the interactions between form in its many senses and concerns of recent scholarship, such as material and historical analysis. Among Heather Dubrow's interdisciplinary interests is the relationship between the visual and literary arts. She is also the Director of the Poets Out Loud Reading Series at Fordham. 
Areas of Interest
Early modern/Renaissance literature, especially lyric poetry and Shakespeare;
creative writing; critical approaches focusing on form, especially genre, on gender,
and on historicized analyses.

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