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What people say about POL readings

Here are some of the comments from members of our audience:

"POL is one of the most fun (+engaging) programs the English program puts on." Caitlin Van Horn, FCRH '13

"This was groovy." NYU students

"The poets were enthusiastic, the poems were vivid, and the panel discussion was informative. Overall, a wonderful evening! Thank you for allowing it to run!" Fordham Student

"Well worth braving the bitter cold." FCLC student
"I've come to Fordham's Poets Out Loud for years, but tonight the 2 poets who are translators topped them all. Poetry is fragile, brilliant and right here in Manhattan ready to greet me at Fordham." Public Librarian and Lover of Poetry

"Fantastic series. Has reignited my love of poetry." Dr JW

"High quality writing-excellent poetry-nourishing. Thank you. RVG

The poetry read was relevant to my life. It captured me in ways I didn't know were possible.It opened up my eyes to potential new ideas, dreams, and inspiration to write, Loved it! Buying a new notebook as soon as possible. lol. Briana McFadzean, Cristo Rey Student
The poets were great! They raised any issues and answered them in a beautiful, creative way. Member of General Public
This was my first ever Poets Out Loud at Fordham. I did not know what to expect, but what I got inspired. I'm a new poet and hearing people who are published read to me gives me hope and excitement for my generation of poets. Brian Cipollina

Excellent series -- inclusive and engaging in outreach. Great to see the high-school kids... & Excellent books -- moved and impressed by what you are doing for poetry. Anne Waldman

POL is the best reading series in the city!

Wonderful reading, a pleasure to have been here.

I'm from Boston, and English professor from B. U. I go to a lot of readings in Boston -- rarely do I find the level of attendance or the attentiveness of audience that I see here. Excellent reading and clearly appreciated by all
B. Costello

This is my first and not last time at a reading for POL. The range of attendees, the level of poetry,  and the warmth and humor of the welcome is an unexpected  pleasure. Thanks
Serena J. Fox

Poets Out Loud reminds me how and why I fell in love with poetry and why it will always be a part of me.

Wow. Tom Sleigh's poetry is impressive and vivid. I'll definitely look up more of his poems.

Beautiful phrases and poetic rhetoric applied to ordinary, everyday ideas, objects, etc...

Inspiring, creative, and fun! Fordham Student

Kudos to Erica Ehrenberg and Angela O'Donnell and all the other poets. Beautiful, lyrical, momentous verse!

Startling.... comical.... personal
Fordham Student

Inspiring. Definitely coming back for more! 
Fordham Student

Great variation of poems both thematically distinct and akin. Poets complement each other.

Much more entertaining than I'd ever expect to find poetry.

I find myself jotting ideas into a notebook for my own poems everytime. Worth every second of time it takes to put on.

Such powerful voices within our community, and I had no idea such beauty existed until now. If only I could've opened those windows behind them for all the city to hear.

"High quality writing-excellent poetry-nourishing. Thank you. RVG

The poetry that was read today really enraptured me. I found myself staring wide-eyed with ears wide open as each poet read. I felt as though each poet was relatable to which made it that much better. Randy Biagas-Hill, Cristo Rey Student

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