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We are proud to announce that Rowan Ricardo Phillips won the 2013 New Writers Award for his book The Ground, from which he read at Poets Out Loud shortly before its publication. The citation reads:

"Rowan Ricardo Phillips' gorgeous first collection, The Ground, is eloquent and accomplished. He mines the experience of the New World with a line and landscape evocative of Walcott's early poetry. His lines resonate with music and inventiveness, but the inspiration also seems to come from an idea like that of William Carlos Williams, "that destruction and creation are simultaneous." The ground of the title is, in part, quite definitely Ground Zero, from whose ashes and absences Phillips' poems audaciously seek to rise like phoenixes. They are anchored in both literary and imaginary landscapes drawn from contemporary and classical worlds: the poems address our historical moment from an almost austere, technically confident remove. Several of the collection's strongest poems draw from Wallace Stevens but add a racial and historical consciousness that dramatically differs from the earlier poet's stances. This is a poet who beautifully maps a post-modern cultural identity while grounding his verse in the modernist tradition. The best of his poems carry us into that beauty, what he calls "the sublimities art gives its throat to," with a full awareness of its cost."

Caroline Hagood
's full-length collection, Lunatic Speaks, came out this week from FutureCycle Press.

Caroline Hagood
's first collection of poetry was a finalist for the 2011 FutureCycle Poetry Book Prize.

Chris Campanioni published "Lost With Phone" in the December-January issue of The Brooklyn Rail and also "Snapshots of the Artist" in the current February issue of the The Brooklyn Rail.

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