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2014 Joyce Studies Annual: Table of Contents 


Gabriel Renggli, "A Wakean Whodunit: Death and Authority in Finnegans Wake"

Tim Conley, "Cog It Out: Joyce on the Brain"

Ruben Borg, "Love in Joyce: A Philosophical Apprenticeship"

Jeremy Colangelo, "The Grotesque Gigantic: Stephen Hero, Maximalism and Bahktin"

Thomas O’Grady, "Dublin…Paris…Behan…Joyce"

Martha Carpentier, "'We have been abandoned here': Catholicism and the Priesthood in Joyce's 'The Sisters' and Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory"

John Lee Moore, "'With a glance of motherwit helping': Empathy and Laugher in 'Oxen of the Sun'"

Sarah Davison, "Trenchant Criticism: Joyce's Use of Richard Chenevix Trench's Philological Studies in 'Oxen of the Sun'"

Arleen Ionescu, "From Translation to Re-creation: The Cases of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake in Romanian"

Roy Benjamin, "Room in the Kirkyaard: Either/Or and the Heinousness of Choice in Finnegans Wake"


Aston Verz, "Finnegans Wake in Comess" [graphic rendering of the opening pages of Finnegans Wake]


Elizabeth Foley O’Connor, "In Bed with Ulysses: A Conversation with Alan Adelson and Kate Taverna"


John Gordon, "'The Dead' as Funnel, or Perhaps Tundish"

Richard Gerber, "Clocks and Time in 'Araby'"

Natasha Rose Chenier, "Leopold Bloomed in the Fountain of Salmacis"

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