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Current Volume (2013)

2013 Joyce Studies Annual: Table of Contents

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Geert Lernout, "Finishing a Book Without Title: The Final Years of 'Work in Progress'"

Leonid Livak, "'A Thankless Occupation': James Joyce and His Translator Ludmila Savitzky"

Richard Russell, "Irish Unionism, North Ireland Protestantism, and the Home Rule Question in Joyce's Dubliners"

Murray McArthur, "Replication and Narration: 'Counterparts' as a Replicon of Joycean Narration"

Martha Stallman and Margot Backus, "The Woman Who Did: Maria's Maternal Misdirection in 'Clay'"

Stephanie Pocock Boeninger, "'The most important thing that can happen to a man': Fatherhood as a Challenge to Symbolism in 'A Little Cloud'"

Galia Benziman, "The Child's Perspective: Hardy, Joyce, and the Redefinition of Childlike Romantic Sensibilities"

Jefferey Simons, "Depiction, Ontogeny, and Lyric in A Portrait"

Tom Simone, "'Met him pike hoses': Ulysses and the Neurology of Reading"

Jay Jin, "The Physics of Voice in Joyce's 'Ithaca'"

Anne Marie D'Arcy, "'Vartryville': Dublin's Water Supply and Joyce's Sublation of Local Government"


Alison Lacivita, "Polar Exploration in Finnegans Wake"

Michael Lavers, "'To No End Gathered': Poetry and Urination in Joyce's Ulysses"

Theodore Feder, "Leopold Bloom, Prince of the People"

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