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2012 Joyce Studies Annual: Table of Contents

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Joseph Valente, “Stephen’s ‘Allwombing Tomb’: Mourning, Paternity, and the Incorporation of the Mother in Ulysses

Luca Crispi, “A New Start for Ulysses in the Marketplace: 1932”

James Fairhall, “Nature, Existential Shame, and Transcendence: An Ecocritical Approach to Ulysses

Erika Mihalysca, “‘Where’s the bleeding awfur?’: The Oxen Coda in Translation”

Martha Carpentier, “Orwell’s Joyce and Coming Up For Air

Paul Jones, “A Tamed Bird Escaped from Captivity: Leaving Ireland in George Moore’s The Lake and Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Bonnie Roos, “Cowboys and Indians: ‘An Encounter’ and the Failed Heroics of a Young Ireland”

James Robinson, “‘Nuvoletta and the Dantellising Peaches’: Dante, Femininity and the Poetic Intertexts of Issy in Finnegans Wake

Roy Benjamin, “Northman…Norman…Noman: Conquest and Effacement in Finnegans Wake


Elaine Wood, “Parodic Romance: Joyce, Byron, and Sir Tristan in Finnegans Wake 11.4”

Richard Gerber, “Joyce on ‘L’Arabie’”

Arleen Ionescu, “Joyce’s Reception in Romania, 1935-1965”

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