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2010 Joyce Studies Annual: Table of Contents

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Amanda Sigler, “Joyce’s Ellmann: The Beginings of James Joyce

Peter Nohrnberg, “’Building Up a Nation Once Again’: Irish Masculinity, Violence, and the Cultural Politics of Sports in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses

Denise Ayo, “Scratching at Scabs: The Garryowens of Ireland”

Lauren Rich, “A Table for One: Hunger and Unhomeliness in Joyce’s Public Eateries”

Angela Nemecek, “Reading the Disabled Woman: Gerty MacDowell and the Stigmaphilic Space of ‘Nausciaa’”

Dieter Fuchs, “’Szombathely, Vienna, Budapest: Epic Geography and the Austro-Hungarian Subtext of James Joyce’s Ulysses”

Roy Benjamin, “Intermisunderstanding Minds: The First Gospel in Finnegans Wake


Faith Steinberg, “Joyce Illustrates Finnegans Wake (verbally) and HCE Goes Tomb-Hopping”

Joseph Kestner, “James Joyce’s ‘Araby’ on Film”

Brandon Lamson, “Orpheus Descending: Images of Psychic Descent in ‘Hades’ and ‘Circe’”

Thomas Rendall, “Joyce’s ‘The Dead’ and the Mid-life Crisis”

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