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2009 Joyce Studies Annual: Table of Contents

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Kimberly J. Devlin, “Attempting to Teach Finnegans Wake: Reading Strategies and Interpretive 
      Arguments for Newcomers”


Philip Kitcher, “Collideorscape: Finnegans Wake in the Large and in the Small”


Vike Plock, “'Knock, knock. War’s where?’: History, Macbeth, and Finnegans Wake


Roy Benjamin, “The Second Gospel in Finnegans Wake


Aingeal Clare, “'Pseudo-stylistic Shamiana’: James Joyce and James Clarence Mangan”


Margot Norris, “The Stakes of Stephen’s Gambit in ‘Scylla and Charybdis’”


Ariela Freedman, “The Metamorphosis of Ulysses


Cynthia Hornbeck, “Greekly Imperfect: The Homeric Origins of ‘Nausciaa’”


Erika Mihalycsa, “Translating the Gap: The Hungarian an Romanian ‘fillings-in’ of Bloom’s 
      ‘I AM A’ in ‘Nausicaa’”



Jennifer Burns Levin, “'Ruby pride of the ring on the floor naked’: Fetishizing the Circus Girl
       in Joyce’s Ulysses"


Jay Gertzman, “Not Quite Honest: Samuel Roth’s ‘Unauthorized’ Ulysses and the 1927 
      International Protest"


Frank Kerins, “The Deification of Corely in ‘Two Gallants’: Reinventing the Neurotic Self”


Melissa Free, “’Who is G.C.?’: Misprizing Gabriel Conroy in Joyce’s ‘The Dead’”



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