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2008 Joyce Studies Annual: Table of Contents

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Addresses from the 2007 International James Joyce Conference:

Thomas F. Staley, "A Life with Joyce"

Robert Spoo, "Litigating the Right to Be a Scholar"

Carol Loeb Shloss, "Copyright and the Joyce Estate: Legal Issues, Moral Issues, &
            Unresolved Issues in the Publication of Lucia Joyce: To Dance in the Wake"


Alistair McCleery, William S. Brockman, and Ian Gunn, "Fresh Evidence and
            Further Complications: Correcting the Text of the Random House 1934 Edition of 

Garry Leonard, "He’s Got Bette Davis Eyes: Joyce and Melodrama"

Margot Gayle Backus, "’Odd Jobs’: James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and the New Journalism"

William Sayers, "The Russian General, Gargantua, and Joyce Writing ‘of his wit’s waste’
            in Finnegans Wake"

Sam Slote, "1904, A Space Odyssey"

Michael Lapointe, "Irish Nationalism’s Sacrificial Homosociality in Ulysses"

Andre Cormier, "’Our eyes demand their turn. Let them be seen!’: The Transcendental
            Blind Stripling in Ulysses"

Visual Art:

Carl Köhler, Sketches of James Joyce Going Blind


Carla Baricz, "The Finnegans Wake Diagram and Giordano Bruno"

Frank Kerins, "’Sounding strangely in my ears’: Foregrounded Words and Joyce’s
            Revision of  'The Sisters'"

Steven Doloff, "Sworn and Forlorn: Chateaubriand’s Atala and Joyce’s ‘Eveline’"



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