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19th-Century Music
New and Recent Volumes

Summer 2011, Vol. 35, No. 1

  • Rufus Hallmark, "The Literary and Musical Rhetoric of Apostrophe in Winterreise"
  • William Cheng, "Hearts for Sale: The French Romance and the Sexual Traffic of Musical Mimicry"
  • Sherry Lee, "'Ein seltsam Spielen': Narrative, Performance, and Impossible Voice in Mahler’s Das klagende Lied"

spring 2011, Vol. 34, No. 3
19th-Century Music and Film
Berthold Hoeckner, Editor

  • Nathan Platte, "Dream Analysis: Korngold, Mendelssohn, and Musical Adaptations in Warner Bros.’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1935)"
  • Martin Marks, "Screwball Fantasia: Classical Music in Unfaithfully Yours"
  • Jeremy Barham, "Recurring Dreams and Moving Images: The Cinematic Appropriation of Schumann’s Op. 15, No. 7"
  • Tobias Pontara, "Beethoven Overcome: Romantic and Existentialist Utopia in Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker"
  • Marcia J. Citron, "The Operatics of Detachment: Tosca in the James Bond Film Quantum  of Solace"
  • Daniel K. L. Chua, "Listening to the Self: The Shawshank Redemption and the Technology of Music"

Fall 2010, Vol. 34, No. 2
  • David Gramit, "Everyday Extraordinary: Music in the Letters of a German Amateur, 1803–08"
  • Jennifer Ronyak, "'Serious Play,' Performance, and the Lied: The Stägemann Schöne Müllerin Revisited"
  • Marianna Ritchey, "Echoes of the Guillotine: Berlioz and the French Fantastic"
  • Keith Chapin, "Time and the Keyboard Fugue"

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